The truth is that you require bicycle insurance if you own an e-bike and like cycling, particularly if you have invested a significant amount of money in your e-bike. It is a widespread fallacy that your favourite bike would be completely covered by your house or contents insurance. However, most house and contents insurance policies have limitations in this area, and suppliers sometimes have a strict list of requirements you must complete before they even think about paying you.

Therefore, even though purchasing bicycle insurance may not be your top priority when you buy your brand-new e-bike, doing so may save you a lot of money and bother in the long run. It is time to consider getting bike insurance, especially if you ride your e-bike to work every day. Below are our six top reasons for getting bicycle insurance.

Reason 1: Protecting yourself against damage or theft 

Getting bicycle insurance has never been more crucial, with 77,000 bikes stolen in England and Wales in 2020–2021. With the appropriate policy in place, you will be protected for the price of replacing your bike, up to a specified limit. Naturally, you will want to insure your e-bike for the high price it would cost to replace it in case of a theft.

Likewise, having decent bike insurance coverage ensures that any repair expenses will be paid if your bike is destroyed, whether unintentionally or on purpose.

Reason 2: Don’t lose your primary transport mode

Many of us rely on our bicycles to move around, whether for errands, commuting to work, or meeting friends. E-bikes, which occasionally take the place of vehicles, are a good example of this. If something goes wrong, bicycle insurance might help you save a lot of anxiety.

A replacement bike servicing is usually covered by insurance. So you do not have to cancel any of your plans if your bike has been stolen or is being repaired at the shop. Continue cycling!

Reason 3: Bike insurance is economical as compared to purchasing a new bike

With bike theft coverage, you can always have a bike to commute with for as little as £76.48 per year. You may realise how much you are saving when you compare it with the price of a brand-new bike.

Reason 4: Receive compensation in case of an injury


Thankfully, fatal bicycle accidents are quite unusual. However, having bike insurance in place ensures that you receive reimbursement when you need it most when the unexpected occurs. Having that financial safety net allows you to concentrate on getting well and returning to the game.

Reason 5: No annoying legal expenses

You might wish to start legal action against the individual at blame if you were in an accident that was not your fault. Some bike insurance policies may cover any associated legal costs, giving you the assurance you need to handle the problem quickly.

It is possible that you caused the accident (this can happen in congested city centres). In this situation, it may be essential to have third-party liability coverage with your bike insurance.

Reason 6: Cycling with confidence


Strong bicycle insurance coverage provides peace of mind whether you are riding along the road, exploring a brand-new route, or locking up your bike while stopping for a well-earned cup of coffee.

Therefore, it might be time to think about buying bicycle insurance if you do not want to be stuck without a means of transportation. With so many alternatives available, carefully review what is covered by each insurance and what standards you would need to follow to submit a valid claim. In the long term, it will be beneficial.



January 23, 2023 — Alex Ashton