How does an E-Bike work?

Electric bicycles function similarly to their non-electric equivalents at their most basic level. The difference is caused by the four primary components, each of which will give you an advantage while you pedal. Your pedalling power will increase due to the collaborative efforts of the motor, the battery, the sensor, and the digital display. The vast majority of electric bicycles, also known as pedelecs, have engines activated only when the rider pedals, which means that riding one still counts as exercise. On certain electric bikes, you may adjust the amount of power from your engine using a throttle.

E-bikes provide the user with a pedal-assisted boost that makes hills feel less steep, but you still receive all the health advantages of being active outside in the fresh air.

Types Of E-Bikes -

Folding E-Bikes

Folding bikes are advantageous for commuting vehicles since they are portable, lightweight, and simple to fold. You may fold it up to make it easier to carry and stow on a train once you have used it for part of your journey. In addition, you may bring your foldable electric bike with you to work, fold it up quickly, and then charge the battery while you are there. Then, once you have done your day's activities, you can easily unfold them and take pleasure in the ride home. Electric foldable bikes go further than manual ones since they provide a well-deserved boost on your commute to work, which means you do not arrive at your destination drenched in sweat. 

Electric Mountain Bikes (EMTBs)

With an electric mountain bike, you will not have to worry about pedaling up steep inclines because the bike will handle that part for you. Electric mountain bikes are typically equipped with more powerful motors and many degrees of assistance, allowing riders to select the level of help that is most appropriate for the terrain they are travelling over. 

Step Through E-Bikes

The step-through design of electric bikes brings together fashion and function in a single package. The step-through design allows for a simple entrance onto your bike, so you will not have to worry about swinging your leg over a high frame. This makes getting on and off your bike much faster. In addition, step-through electric bicycles provide a conventional appearance, regardless of whether you are cycling through the neighbourhood park or in the bicycle lane.  

Electric Road Bikes

You may now have the elegant look of a road bike with an added electric boost. Our electric road bikes are intended to be as comfortable as possible and are an excellent choice for cycling lanes in your town or metropolis. Enjoy every trip you take and the convenience of navigating your city.

Motor Types – Mid Drive vs Hub

Two distinct types of motors are utilised in electric bikes; however, what is the difference between them, and which is ideal for me?

Hub Motors:

Hub motors, located in the middle of a bicycle wheel, are most likely the type of electric bicycle motor that may be found the most frequently. The primary benefit of using one is that hub drive motors need very little to almost no maintenance. They are a closed system, meaning there are fewer moving parts and things that may go wrong on an electric bicycle.

Mid Drive Motors:

The gear ratio offered by mid-drive motors is the primary benefit that sets them apart from hub-drive motors. They allow riders to select a gear that is optimal for the terrain they are riding on, whether they need more power to climb a hill or want to get moving faster from a stop. Switching wheels is a lot simpler when the motor is not linked to the back wheel. Instead, an electric bike's pedal system will integrate a mid-drive motor. This motor is located in the middle of the bike and is part of the pedal system.

To summarise, if you want more gears to pick from and greater torque, you should look into getting a mid-drive motor rather than a front or rear-drive motor. Because of this, mid-drive motors are more suited for off-road riding, whereas hub motors may be more appropriate for commuting. A hub motor is robust and takes less maintenance, but if you want to use your electric bike for hard routes, you should look at another option.


Compared to riding a bike with a manual transmission, the experience of riding an electric bike is much different; thus, you must select the appropriate size battery for your needs. Let us clear up some of the confusion around the terminology related to electric bike batteries:

Volts (V) – Volts, or V, are units of measurement that indicate how quickly electrons flow. Greater volts =more speed.

Amps (A) – The amount of force a battery can produce is measured in amps (A).

Watts (W) – the combination of amps + volts= watts.

Amp hours (Ah) – Amp-hours, often known as Ah, measure how many amps a battery can produce in one hour. This dimension is typically included in the spec sheet for an electric bicycle.

Watt hours (Wh) – Watt hours (Wh) measure the amount of power a battery can produce in one hour. The maximum amount of wattage that is permitted to be used on highways in the UK is 250W.


The capacity of the battery that powers your electric bicycle will give you the clearest indication possible of the distance you can travel on a single charge.

As a general guideline, you may anticipate that 10Wh will be equivalent to 1 km of range. Therefore, a battery with 30 volts and 10-amp hours will provide you with 300 watt-hours, equivalent to a range of 30 kilometres.

It is essential to remember that this illustration's purpose is to give you an idea of the amount of range you may anticipate receiving from your battery. The range depends on many other elements, such as the level of help, the grade of the ride, the pace at which the cyclist is travelling, etc. 

How Would You Utilise Your E-Bike?

How you want to use your new electric bike is an important factor that should be considered while making your choice. There is an electric bicycle designed specifically for whatever purpose you have in mind, be it making quick trips around the city to work or spending hours outside exploring the natural world.

If you plan to use your bike as a mode of transportation to and from work, you might find that the portability of a folding electric bike or the simplicity of cruising on a step-through bike is more appealing. Check out our range of electric bikes, including bicycles that have been selected with your commute in mind.

If you want to use your new electric bicycle on the roads in your town or city, you could find that a ride that is more comfortable and has tires designed for the roads would be more suitable for you. Check out our selection of electric bikes here, all of which have been selected with the roads in mind.

If you want to take in the breathtaking scenery of the British countryside, the most appropriate mode of transportation for you is an electric mountain bike. When the going gets rough, the motor and the batteries will boost you, allowing you to direct your attention to taking in the sights and savouring the downhills. Please take a look at the eMTBs that we have available here.

Where to Consider Purchasing an E-Bike?

There are stores worldwide selling electric bikes, and many of them do it at significantly lower prices. However, they frequently reach this price point by employing a frame made of inferior materials and using less expensive parts.

We at Electric Revolution know that purchasing an electric bike is a significant life choice and that your E-Bike will be with you for many years to come (often a lifetime purchase). Because we are an electric bike specialty store, we will put your requirements first and do our best to help you choose a bike that is a good fit for you.

Value For Money

E-bikes often have a higher price tag than traditional bicycles because of the motor, battery, and electrics that come equipped on them. But how can you determine whether your favourite electric bike offers a reasonable price for its features? These are the things that you need to keep an eye out for:

  • Motor Specification
  • Frame Material
  • Brand Reliability
  • Battery Size
  • Warranty
  • Mechanical Components 

They are initially more expensive than manual bicycles; however, while shopping for an electric bicycle, it may be more reasonable to compare the cost to how you now commute and travel to determine whether or not it is worth the investment. Public transit, petrol and auto maintenance fees all add up. Most of the time, using these modes of transportation might add up to be a more pricey method to travel, not to mention the additional costs they impose on the environment.


That wraps up our discussion. You should now be able to make an educated choice when purchasing your new electric bike since you have sufficient information. At The Electric Revolution, we offer a wide selection of electric bikes available to meet the requirements and preferences of our customers.

February 01, 2023 — Alex Ashton