Cycling is widely recognised as one of the most physically and mentally beneficial sports a person can participate in. Not only can it help you become more physically fit, but it can also strengthen your immune system and increase your overall sense of well-being.

But do the same health benefits come from riding an electric bike? Some people have a negative impression of electric bicycles because they believe that riding one does not provide the same level of physical activity that riding a traditional bicycle. But there is no way that could be true!

The below is a list of the top nine health benefits that you might anticipate enjoying if you begin riding an electric bicycle more frequently:

  1. E-bikes offer moderate exercise

E-bikes are, at their most fundamental level, identical to traditional bicycles, which the vast majority of us learnt to ride when we were children. The beginning, the duration, and the conclusion of a ride are all carried out in the same manner; the only difference is that you have the support of a motor that augments the work you put out.

According to Professor Ashley Cooper, who formerly served as a professor in the department of Physical Activity and Public Health at Bristol University, "[E-biking] is not a no-exercise choice., it is a fantastic method to get some movement of a mild level."

His study has demonstrated that the usage of an electric bicycle provides less intense physical activity than traditional cycling but more than walking does, resulting in a moderate level of physical activity being obtained as a result. It is important to note that persons who were previously sedentary may see improvements in their cardiorespiratory fitness after riding an electric bicycle.

Meanwhile, a report published in 2019 supports the hypothesis that riding an electric bike can be equivalent to riding a traditional bicycle in terms of the intensity of the cardiovascular workout it provides. It followed 10,000 people across seven locations in Europe and discovered that persons who rode classic and electric bikes accumulated nearly the same level of physical activity. In a nutshell, the effect of the pedal assistance was nullified since individuals who rode e-bikes often rode for longer distances and at a higher frequency than those who did not ride them.

  1. Enhanced cardiovascular health 

One of the most prevalent advantages of moderate exercise is improving general health, which we frequently hear from specialists. However, improved cardiovascular health is one of the most important advantages.

The capacity of your heart and blood vessels to take in, distribute, and eliminate carbon dioxide, as well as the amount of oxygen they let in, determines your cardiovascular health. Suppose you use an electric bicycle and engage in moderate exercise regularly. In that case, your body will gradually adapt to the activity by producing more robust capillaries that can exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide at the lungs and muscles, as well as more red blood cells that are better able to transport the gases more easily.

In the end, this can simplify day-to-day activities, and it is also probable that you will have the impression that you have more energy to devote to those activities.

  1. Improved heart health 

If you ride an electric bike regularly, you may see benefits in your heart health and improvements in your cardiovascular health.

When you engage in physical exercise, your heart has to work a little bit more, so it beats quicker and harder to keep blood circulating throughout your body. Remember that your heart is a muscle, so the more you train it, the better it will adapt to the stimuli it is exposed to.

Because of this, the heart's structure becomes stronger, enabling it to pump more blood throughout the body with less effort. In the long run, you should be able to observe a decrease in your resting heart rate, which is typically regarded as a positive indicator of heart and cardiovascular health. Additionally, your heart will not have to work as hard when you are out on your e-bike pedaling at the same level of intensity, either!

  1. Improved muscle tone

Even while you cannot see your heart getting stronger, you should be able to see improvements in muscle tone throughout the rest of your body, particularly in your legs.

It is well recognized that riding a bike may help you become more generally strong. Additionally, your tone and strength will increase if you use your muscles more frequently – even in a modest way. Your quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and glutes will get noticeably more toned as you cycle. You will also notice that your abdominal muscles become more toned.

On the other hand, riding a bike requires balance and some degree of self-control, which means you will also use your core muscles during the activity. Even your arms will get a little workout if you want to ride with more intensity.

  1. Enhanced metabolism for weight loss 

Even if you do not have to put in a lot of effort to ride an e-bike, increasing the amount of physical activity, you do cause you to use more energy. Even if you use your electric bicycle to make a leisurely trip to the neighbourhood store or to have a steady ride with your friends on the weekend, you will still expend more energy than you would have if you had driven a car, ridden a bus or train, or walked to your destination instead.

This means that you will be in a better position to maintain your weight or lose a little (if that is your goal), but the best news is that once you stop riding, your metabolism will stay elevated as you recover. In essence, you continue to expend energy (calories) long after you have completed the activity!

This impact will, of course, wear off over time; after you have returned to normal after a single session of exercise, your metabolism will revert to its previous state; therefore, it is essential to maintain a regular exercise routine to keep your metabolism functioning properly. Your body will gradually get more sensitive to and used to this frequent e-bike riding, and as a result, it will burn more energy while resting. This is because you will have more muscle fibres that need to be oxygenated and prepared for action.

  1. Improved immune system 

Enhanced immunity is a natural consequence of greater health. Even if our physical and mental health has received more attention in recent years, having a healthy body has always been one of the best methods to ensure that your immune system works at its full potential.

A stronger immune system improves the ability to resist simple coughs and colds while being in better shape to deal with any illness that gets through your defences. While a stronger immune system is not a silver bullet that can defeat all diseases, it improves the ability to resist these illnesses. This indicates that you may feel better than you would and recover from your condition more quickly.

Do you want to shorten the duration of that flu illness from a week to three days? Increasing the frequency with which you ride an electric bicycle may make a difference.

  1. Improvement in well-being and reduction in stress

Although the advantages to our physical health are more obvious, maintaining our mental health is just as vital. The term "psychological wellness" refers to something different for each of us as people, yet riding an e-bike has the potential to assist everyone in achieving a more positive mental state.

E-bikes can offer freedom and escapism to new places you may not have experienced before. It is well-known that regular exposure to sunlight and fresh air is important for our overall health. However, e-bikes can offer you this exposure in a way you may not have experienced before. The National Health Service (NHS) reports that those who participate in physical exercise have a 30% decreased chance of developing depression.

In addition, the simple act of riding a bicycle may provide a welcome diversion from the everyday pressures that we all face, and the release of feel-good endorphins that result from physical activity can significantly improve one's mood.

  1. Facilitate disease management 

Greater physical activity, such as riding an e-bike, can decrease your chance of getting a health problem and keeping on top of it. Although the causes of long-term illnesses like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease (to mention a few) are complex, and the study on them is ongoing, one thing is certain: increased physical activity can play a part in reducing your risk.

"E-bikes are an excellent alternative for those for whom physical exercise is crucial for improved health but who may be impaired by a clinical condition," stated Professor Ashley Cooper, who formerly served as a professor in the department of Physical Activity and Public Health at Bristol University. "E-bikes are also good for people who want to be more environmentally conscious."

  1. Improvement in sleep quality

Resting both our thoughts and bodies requires us to get enough sleep. Even on days when we have not done much, we all need to "shut down" and get a good night's sleep to be at the top of our game the next day.

We may raise our energy levels and feel more alert by exercising steadily and riding an electric bicycle. In addition, even though it may seem counterintuitive at first, when we do this, we are encouraging our thoughts and bodies to have a higher quality sleep when it is time to rest.

This can lead to a more regular sleeping pattern and deeper, more restful sleep, which can result in increased alertness and preparedness for the next day.


January 23, 2023 — Alex Ashton